Welcome to the Chain Gang Chase Tutorials. These tutorials are designed to teach you everything you will need to know to escape from Finite State Penitentiary. Be sure to study up before your first escape, or else you will be back in your cell quicker than you can say "finite state machine".


Now Prisoners, well, that's you. We are escaping from Finite State Penitentiary. The best time to escape is when we are all out working on the chain gang. The guards are too disctracted to notice us running away. The one problem is that we are still chained together while we are running. We will have to work together to break our chains.

Rookie Cops

The Rookie Cops are our enemies. As we are trying to escape, the Rookie Cops will be chasing us. There are guard towers set up all over the place. If you are caught and dragged to one of these towers... well, just don't get caught.

While these cops might be rookies, it does not mean they are weak. Most of these guys are former college athlete all-stars. They're fast and strong. But don't worry, a good punch to their sides or stuggling while they drag you shold be enough to break free.

The Sheriff

This guy is off the wall crazy. If his team of cops can't catch you, The Sheriff will take care of you personally. He has an arsenal of tools that he uses to make sure no one escapes. His favorite weapon is certainly his tank. If you see this baby coming towards you, you've got some serious running to do. I only hope that most of your chains are broken at this point; any chains still attached to you will slow you down.


There are certainly plenty of paths we can take to escape, some better than others. Nature is not the most helpful as most of the paths are covered with trees, ponds, rivers, and mud. To make it even more difficult, the guards added towers all over the place, along with fences and gates. These gates are locked, but you can unlock them if you find the sensors. Some of these gates are synced to multiple sensors, which means that you have to find them all and press them simultaneously to unlock the gate.

The Trains

The key to successfully escaping is the trains. There are three trains that run through the area on separate tracks. If you time it just right, you can line-up your chains on the tracks to snap the chains. The more chain links you break, the better off you'll be. Being attached to other prisoners will only slow you down.

The problem here is that the trains move quick. It's hard to line yourself up on the tracks, especially since the chains limit your movement. You have to act quickly and precisely in order to get everyone to break free. If you are not lined up correctly, the train will run you over.

Beware of jokers who will try to push you in the way of the train. Some prisoners only care about themselves, so they will throw you in the way of the train. While this might break some more chains and make you faster, it's also a bad idea. The train conductors don't seem to care if we break our chains, but they get angry when they hit a person. When that happens, they notify the prison which sends in out a helicopter with some cops on it to try and catch the rest of the escapees.


Once of the many obstacles you will run into while escaping will be fences. The guards put in these fences to slow us down. You won't be able to climb over the fences, but you can drag your chains across the top, allowing you and one other to be in different path ways.


While you are running, it likely that you will have to travel through some mud. The mud around here is thick, and tough to to move through. It will slow you down significantly. Try to avoid it whenever possible, especially when you are in direct pursuit.


The ponds, lakes, rivers around here will slow you down just like mud. The water's current can almost make it impossible to get through. If the current is too strong, try hitting each other to different spots in the water. If you are chained together, use the chains to pull someone through water while someone stays on dry land or mud.


Another obstacle to avoid is trees. These trees are solid, and close knit. You can't go in between trees, you have to go around them. You will want to make sure your entire chain goes around, otherwise all of you will get stuck wrapped around trees, causing problems. If people get anxious and try to get through a path of trees at the same time, they are likely to get wedged. Give one of them a good punch to knock them free.