Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are commonly asked by our users.

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I missed the Kickstarter, but still want to contribute to the project. May I?

We would be overjoyed to accept your donation. Your support helps us round out the game, feed the development team, and make the launch party even more awesome! There are still some backer rewards left! Check out our Donate page for more information.

Will the Level Editor be usable in the final game?

Yes, totally! That's how we'll keep our content fresh!

Once released, the game will be free-to-play with a limited set of stock maps. Anyone may register for an account and make maps online for free.

Anyone who backs at the $15 level receives an unlock code that will allow them to download community maps on all current and future platforms for which we release the game.

Non-backers will be charged a one-time fee to unlock access to the community maps. We're currently unsure whether this will be platform-specific, or universal, or some hybrid thereof.

The game looks... ugly! Is this the final artwork?

Certainly not! The game art that you see is a rough pass done to give it some character for the play testing.

We plan to create the illusion of height by using sprites that are broken into three segments: base, middle, and top. These segments will be stacked on top of each other (think snowmen) and splayed in one direction or the other based upon how far away the element is from the vertical center of the screen.

So, things towards the top of the screen with slant up, things towards the middle will be stacked nicely, and things towards the bottom will slant down. The visual effect this achieves is an illusion that players are running over a cylinder that is spinning with things sticking out of its surface.

Why can't I see some of the blog posts?

Certain blog posts, and our weekly video streams are restricted to backers at the INNER CIRCLE CELLMATE level. These posts and videos will be made public after the game launches. If you want to get early access, consider donating to the project.

What platforms will the game be released on?

We are committed to launching on OUYA, PC, Linux, and Mac. We intend to add other platforms in the future, but make no guarantees outside of the starting four.

What's an OUYA?

OUYA is a totally open video game console. Games are free to try, and every console is a development kit. OUYA itself started on Kickstarter, and Joe was a backer!