Hello there, escapees!

This week, I have some news for you about character animations. Those of you who watch our weekly streams might notice something a little different in the April 19th edition of the Chain Gang Chase Progress update. Earlier in the week, I made a big change to how characters’ animations function. Right now, a big portion of the game (player characters included) is drawn in three layers: a top, middle, and bottom layer. For player characters, the top, middle, and bottom layers are the character’s head, torso, and legs respectively. For the longest time, we’ve been using the same image for all three layers. If we tried to do that with our final artwork, it would just look really awkward.

With that said, I set out to let each layer of the player character use different images for each part of the player’s body. There are several animation types player characters will have to use in Chain Gang Chase. Standing, running, punching, jumping, getting hit, and (unfortunately) dying are all things our characters need to be able to do. With this new set-up, we save all of the animations for each activity separately instead of in one big set of frames. When we want an animation to play, we can apply it to the proper layer of the character’s body. For example, our running animation has one part apply to the leg movements and another part for the torso motions.

But what if a player wants to run and punch at the same time? The new animation system handles that admirably. The arms get the punching animation while the legs can keep on running. The player character in this shot is using the run animation on his leg layer, and the punching animation is above that on his torso layer.


That’s all the time I have for now! I hope you’ll continue to keep an eye out all over for more Chain Gang Chase news.