Those of you who have been watching our weekly updates may realize one of the glaring flaws in our menu design; namely, that we require players to sign in and pick controllers before we let them pick their characters. We thought this over the other day and realized that was a really inefficient way to go through the menus and might be too confusing for players who just want to pick up the game and play. We have since updated how controller sign-in works and made it behave better with character selection. It should mean that players can get into the game faster and with much less hassle.

Before, what we did was we had the game ask how many players were playing. Then, it showed a sample controller setup and asked if that was okay to use. If it wasn’t, the players had to go into yet another screen to set up their desired controller configuration. Then, it was back to the second screen to confirm that, yes, this was the setup they wanted to use. All of this happened before the players even got to look at the character select screen.

Now, pressing the “Start Game” option on the main menu throws you right into character select. By pressing the jump button on your half of the controller, you tell the game that you want to play and it then enables you to pick your character. When everybody has confirmed their character choice, you can tell the game to move on and select your map. Chain Gang Chase no longer needs to know how many players there are in advance; people can drop in and drop out of character select easily. If someone realizes they can’t play or they want to sit out a round, they can drop out by hitting the jump button again. When this happens, everybody else who has a higher number reorganizes so there are no blank spots. For example, if we have four players and player 2 drops out, players 3 and 4 move up to the player 2 and player 3 spot respectively.

That’s all I have for this update. Sorry I couldn’t give you all some fun gameplay bits, but sometimes we have to work on housekeeping. Time to get back to work!