Hello, everybody! Time for another visit from Chain Gang Chase’s self-proclaimed graphics programmer. This time, I’m going to regale you with tales of sensors and gates. If you’ve made a level in the online map editor, you may have noticed that sensors and gates are among the tile types you can use to construct a level. Sensors are linked to gates, and gates will only open if all of their sensors are being pressed. However, we noticed there was no way to tell which switches were connected to the same gate. If there was a large number of sensors next to a single gate, how are the players supposed to know which one opens the gate? Here’s an example:


Which sensors in the above image are connected? The unfortunate answer is, there’s no way to know which sensors need to be pressed to open something. The gate on the left might only need one of these six switches to open, and the middle one might need three. But which three would we need to press to open it?


We chose to fix this problem by adding symbols to all sensors which connect to the same gate. In this picture, the two sensors with blue triangles would open a gate when both of them are being pressed. Similarly, the orange star sensors open a gate and the light blue square sensors open their own gate as well. We made this addition because we feel the challenge of the game should not be due to a lack of information. But, for those players who like the suspense, this feature can be disabled in the game’s options menu.