Escaping from prison is dangerous work (crime doesn’t even give out hazard pay). Over the course of your escapes, most of you are bound to have a bad run-in with a train here and there. A lot of the time in video games, when you die you can’t do much but throw up your arms in exasperation and wait for the next round. The Chain Gang Chase team doesn’t think this type of activity is much fun at all, so we’re making sure you’ll have something to do if you bite the dust.

It is my pleasure to introduce the rookie cop. Players who die in Chain Gang Chase will respawn as rookie cops, out to catch the escaped convicts and bring them to justice. Right now, we’re planning on having rookie cops spawn out of guard towers placed throughout the game world. If a rookie cop catches up to an errant convict, they will grab on and be able to drag the convict around. A rookie cop’s goal is to recapture the convicts by bringing them back to the guard towers. Of course, dragging them into the train is also a valid choice if you like being mean to your friends.

Look forward to more posts next week, when we’ll have a lot more to talk about. In the meantime, be sure to get your prison clothes washed and practice digging tunnels with spoons! (That was a joke. Digging tunnels with spoons is potentially lethal.)