This week, we’d like to show some of the changes we’ve made to gameplay. A Screenshare on Google+ doesn’t quite perform as well as we’d like, but a twitch stream works great. Rather than try and synchronize a Google+ Hangout and a twitch stream, we’ve decided to do everything in twitch this week.

Starting at 2:00pm EST, we’ll be live at This video will be available through twitch and YouTube after the event. I will provide relevant links as edits/comments on this post.

If you sign in with a twitch account, you’ll be able to ask questions through the chat window accompanying the stream.

I’m considering making this blog, and the videos, open to the public (or at least all backers) early. I’ve notified everyone who backed at exactly the $25 – INNER CIRCLE CELLMATE reward tier. I’m curious to hear what you have to say about this idea.

Next week, we’re going to have a live play-test event during the developer hangout. If you’re local and would like to try out the game, keep your eyes open for an update!