If you’re reading this, some combination of the following is true:

• You’re one of the roughly 70 backers who pledged $25 or more.
• The password I sent you in a Kickstarter message worked.
• One of our INNER CIRCLE CELLMATES was a mole and leaked the password to you.
• The game has launched and password protection has been removed.
• We gave up on password protection, and opened the blog early. (highly unlikely)

In any case (well, except not-so-much the third one), Welcome! In all cases, thank you for your support!

We’re just this weekend getting the whole development team set up with accounts to contribute to this blog. While there is little to see here right now, I wanted to give you something to read – so here’s an anecdote from earlier in development.

Chris, one of the students working for co-op credit and revenue shares, was tasked with creating the Map Sorting feature. As a way of tracking the progress of his algorithm, he would include some console log messages at various points in the code. Once the sorting began, the following messages would appear:

Not Slytherin...
Not Slytherin...
Not Slytherin...
Not Slytherin...

We all had a good laugh at that one.