Global Game Stats

Time Played 2d 17h 32m 45s
Maps Played 21185
Games Won 33/12123
Captures 223
Prisoner Deaths 8474
Rookie Cop Deaths 510
Train Kills 8524
Punches Landed 14817/22594
Prisoners Punched 7940
Rookie Cops Punched 1958
Trees Punched 4919
Distance Run as Prisoner 9223372240896641 ft
Distance Run as Cop 39266361 ft

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February 07, 2014 - Joe Pietruch

This site will document our process in making Chain Gang Chase. Certain content will only be available to our Kickstarter backers at the INNER CIRCLE CELLMATE level or above. This content will be made available to the rest of the world when the game launches in May. If you’re in our inner circle, you get […]

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